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Frequently asked questions


Where are the Avon Protection respirators manufactured?
Depending on the product they are either manufactured in Cadillac, Michigan or Melksham, United Kingdom.
Does the face mask/Air Purifying Respirator (APR) meet any US 3rd party product approvals?
C50 APR – NIOSH Approvals: 14G-0318 CBRN Cap 1 (with CBRNCF50 filter) ; 14G-0322 CN/CS/P100 (with CTCF50 filter) ; 84A-9233 CFP100 (particulate filter). FM54 APR – NIOSH Approvals: 14G-0327 CBRN Cap 1 (with CBRNCF50 filter) ; 14G-0342 CN/CS/P100 (with CTCF50 filter) ; 84A-9234 CFP100 (particulate filter). Avon C50 and FM54 APR’s are also NIOSH approved for use with Avon PAPR systems and the Avon FM54 with Avon SCBA systems, please contact us for more information.
Do Avon Protection products have ITAR or EAR restrictions when it comes to export control?
Avon Protection products are export controlled and are subject to export control laws. Product must not be exported or transported outside of the U.S. or to any foreign person in the U.S. (as defined in 22 CFR§120.63) without approval from appropriate government authorities. See Export Control Policy and Restriction.
Do you ship internationally?
No, currently we are only shipping within the United States as Avon Protection products are export controlled and are subject to export control laws.
Can I ship your products to friends or family overseas?
No, Avon Protection products are subject to export control laws.
Do you have an affiliate program?
We do have a program in place to support partners with selling our products. Please reach out to and we will get in touch with more information.
Do you have products available for review purposes?
We do offer products for review if you meet the requirements. Contact Customer Service to find out more about our program.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
We currently do not offer bulk or volume discounts. From time to time we do have promotions on our products.
What is your return policy?
We do not accept returns of any products where the box has been opened. Please refer to our returns policy for further information.
What is the warranty for the Avon Protection face masks/APRs?
The warranty for the C50, FM50 and FM54 is 18 months. You will need to ensure you follow the appropriate manufacturer product registration which can be found here:

Avon Protection Warranty

Avon Protection Product Registration

Can I use detergents to clean the respirator?
No, do not use detergent, spirit or solvent cleaner. Immerse the face respirator in warm water containing a dilute Hibitane solution (1/2000 dilution of a 5% solution is normal), or a mild, baby-type, non-allergic soap solution. Rinse the respirator in clean water and allow to air dry.
Can I wear glasses while wearing my Avon respirator?
You can only wear special prescription lens systems designed especially for the respirator. You cannot wear spectacles with side arms because you will break the protective face seal. With the C50, FM50 and FM54, the Vision Correction System enables prescription lenses to be mounted inside the respirator.
What is the purpose of the additional Outserts for the 50 series respirators?
It enhances protection of the visor against scratches and impact from high velocity particles.
  • A clear outsert assembly is available for general use.
  • Sunlight outsert assembly is available for high UV environments.
How do I dispose of my Avon Respirator?
If the respirator is exposed to CBRN or chemical warfare agents, special decontamination and disposal procedures outlined by local and/or national guidelines must be followed.
How do I dispose of my Avon CBRN / Riot Control Filter?
Old Uncontaminated Filters: Safe to dispose via landfill. Contaminated Filters: If the filter is exposed to CBRN or chemical warfare agents, special decontamination and disposal procedures outlined by local and/or national guidelines must be followed.
How many sizes are there for the C50 and FM50 air purifying respirators available?
The respirators are available in three sizes, L (Large), M (Medium), S (Small). 70% of adults will fall within the M (Medium) size respirator.
How many sizes are there for the FM54?
The respirator is available in four sizes, L (Large), M (Medium), S (Small) and XS (Extra Small).
How do I make sure I have the right size of APR?
Facial hair, sideburns, bangs and headwear may prevent a protective facepiece from forming and/or maintaining a tight-fitting seal on someone’s face. It is recommended the user be clean shaven and/or hair pulled back for sizing and using the respirator to ensure an appropriate seal. Also, as a rule of thumb, your eyes should be at, or just above, the center line of the eye lenses. Wearers must always conduct a negative pressure fit check prior to use to make sure the respirator will seal to the face. Wearers are advised to conduct a quantitative fit test, at least annually, to confirm the correct respirator size continues to be appropriate. To ensure you have selected the correct size you should perform a negative pressure test. For the C50 and FM54 you will need to make sure you have one side of the mask with a 40mm cap in place before starting. The negative pressure test can be performed by putting the mask on your face, breathe out, then block the inhalation valve and take a deep breath. For the FM50 with filters fitted; you will need to cover the inlet ports of both filters and breathe in. The mask should collapse to the face and while holding breath, the respirator should remain collapsed. If the respirator remains collapsed, the respirator is properly fit.
Can I drink while wearing the respirator?
Yes. See answers regarding hydration in the user manual. A high flow fail safe drinking device allows connection to either a canteen or bladder type hydration system.