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Choosing the Right Respirator

Choosing the Right Respirator

Respiratory protection is paramount in various scenarios, from tactical training to emergency preparedness and survival. Choosing the proper respirator is crucial for your safety.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into how to select the ideal respirator based on your specific needs. We'll introduce you to Avon Protection's range of offerings available through our online shop, including the FM50 APR, C50 APR, NH15 Escape Hood, and the elite FM54 APR. Additionally, we'll discuss the importance of selecting the right filter, explore the uses of respirator outserts, and introduce you to the handy filter mount plug tool.

Understanding Your Needs

Tactical Training:

For individuals engaged in tactical training, the FM50 APR stands out as a top-tier choice. Its design caters to the demanding nature of tactical operations. The FM50's adaptability, comfort, and compatibility with various accessories make it the preferred choice for operators, ensuring maximum protection during high-stress situations.

Emergency Preparedness and Survival:

In today's unpredictable world, preparedness is essential. Avon Protection's NH15 Escape Hood offers compact and dependable protection during CBRN emergencies. Whether preparing for natural disasters or navigating urban unrest, this escape hood provides peace of mind in a portable package.

Choosing the right respirator 

FM50 Air Purifying Respirator (APR)

The FM50 APR represents the pinnacle of respiratory protection for operators and specialists. Utilizing the FM61EU filters the FM50 is a defense against CBRN agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and toxic industrial materials. Its advanced features, including a panoramic single-lens visor and low inhalation resistance, make it the respirator of choice for tactical enthusiasts.

C50 Air Purifying Respirator (APR)

The C50 APR offers versatile protection across multiple threat scenarios, encompassing chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological (CBRN) agents. Its ease of use and adaptability make it a valuable asset for individuals operating in hazardous environments.

NH15 Escape Hood

The NH15 Escape Hood is compact, lightweight, and designed for rapid deployment. It provides 15 minutes of protection against airborne CBRN threats and liquid agent splashes, making it an indispensable addition to any emergency kit. 

FM54 Air Purifying Respirator (APR)

The eagerly awaited elite FM54 APR offers maximum flexibility and protection. It adapts seamlessly to changing mission profiles while providing exceptional comfort for operators and specialists.

Choosing the Right Filter

CBRNCF50 Filter

The CBRNCF50 filter is specifically engineered to safeguard against CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) agents. This high-performance filter combines efficient particulate and carbon filtration to provide comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats.

CTCF50 Riot Agent Filter

The CTCF50 filter is designed to offer effective defense against riot control agents, such as tear gas. It ensures that operators can breathe comfortably even in situations involving these irritants.

CFP100 Particulate Filter

Particulate matter can pose significant risks in various environments. The CFP100 particulate filter effectively filters out harmful particles, enhancing overall safety during operations or emergencies.

FM61EU CBRN Filter

The FM61EU filter is a cornerstone of respiratory protection that is compatible with the FM50It provides confidence in facing CBRN threats, making it an essential component of Avon Protection's bayonet masks.

GPCF50 Conformal Filter

The GPCF50 conformal filter offers a compact solution for CBRN protection. Its streamlined design ensures comfort without compromising safety.


Respirator Outserts and Their Uses

Respirator outserts provide additional protection and visibility, serving as a critical accessory for various scenarios. Here's an overview of the different types:

Clear Outserts

Clear outserts protect the visor from scratches and damage. They are ideal for general use and provide addition protection to the mask visor without reducing the clarity or filed or vision

Sunlight Outserts

Tinted outserts offer protection from harsh sunlight and glare. They are suitable for outdoor operations, reducing strain on the eyes.

Orange Laser Outserts

To mitigate the threat of eye injury and eliminate laser-induced glare and flash blindness, the Orange Laser Outsert is designed to protect against harmful laser wavelengths commonly produced by laser sighted weapons and hand-held devices.

Blueblocker Ouserts

Our Blueblocker outsert improves weapon sighting by filtering out blue light wavelengths to deliver a sharper image. Ideal for snipers and other response team specialists.

Filter Canister Mount Plug The filter mount plug tool allows twin port Air Purifying Respirators (APRs) to be converted to accept filter canisters on either side. Must be used in conjunction with Filter Canister Mount Plug.


Common Applications

Avon Protection's respiratory products find applications across a wide range of scenarios:

Tactical Operations: Avon Protection's elite FM54, military standard FM50 APR, and tactical C50 APR are trusted by operators in military and law enforcement for their adaptability, comfort, and reliability. These respirators provide the utmost protection in high-stress mission-critical situations.

Emergency Preparedness: The NH15 Escape Hood is a compact and reliable solution for CBRN emergencies, making it an essential addition to emergency preparedness kits. This escape hood ensures best-in-class safety, whether in natural disasters or industrial chemical accidents.

Survival Preparedness: In today's uncertain world, survival preparedness is becoming increasingly important. Avon Protection's range of products, including the FM50 APR and C50 APR, serves survivalists who prioritize self-reliance and resilience in the face of unforeseen threats.


Choosing the right respirator is crucial for your safety in various situations, from tactical training to emergency preparedness. Avon Protection offers a range of high-quality products, each designed to meet specific needs. Whether you're a tactical specialist, an emergency safety-minded individual, or a preparedness enthusiast, an Avon Protection solution is tailored for you. Remember to select the appropriate filter and consider the benefits of respirator outserts.

Stay safe, stay prepared, and choose Avon Protection for your respiratory needs.

Advance with Confidence.

Jeffrey Thomas DeSocio
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