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FM61EU CBRN Filter

$53.00 USD $53.00 USD

These low profile filters are supplied as a pair and are designed with bayonet quick fit for use only with the FM50 mask.

  • The twin filter design significantly reduces breathing resistance and improves weight distribution.

  • The filters provide protection from CB agents, toxins, and a number of Toxic Industrial Materials/Chemicals (TICs/TIMs) such as particulate matter including radioactive hazards, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and organic vapours with a boiling point above 65°C.

  • FM61 Filters can be replaced without breaking the protective seal through self-sealing connections.

Nerve Agents:
Blood Agents:
“G” Series
Hydrogen Cyanide
“V” Series
Cyanogen Chloride
Any thickened form of agent
Blister Agents:
Riot Control Agents:
Mustard CS
Lewisite CN
Any thickened form of agent OC (Pepper Spray)

Product shipped in fulfillment of e-commerce orders may be more than one year old.

Breathing Resistance

37mm of water @ 80 l/min airflow operating as a pair of filters attached to the FM50 mask.


Product Data
Dimensions 117 x 96 x 56 mm
Stand off from mask < 44 mm
Weight < 230 grams
Attachment Conformal bayonet quick fit connect
FM61EU Data Sheet

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